Sat 7/26 arrive 2pm, camp (supper meal)
Sun 7/2710mi (about 4h of easy paddling)
Mon 7/2810mi
Tue 7/2910mi
Wed 7/302mi pull out early, shower, eat, leave (breakfast)

can all of the campsites hold 8 peoples?
dehydrated food & MRE's
small easy popup tent
water (boil it+Tang)
water purifing kit (just in case)
camping pans/cookware
anti-bug, garlic
sleeping bags (small)

Terra Server of AreaTopo Of area
  • Finalize Meals
  • Finalize Route
  • Plan Equiptment (Pots, Stove, Utensils, Sleeping Bag, Ground Mat, Tent...)
  • Plan what to plan
  • Bring Mugs?

    Thanksto 5/23 Nate for equiptment list
    GuestList JennyDan, JessicaLarry, MelissaNate, RobinJeff

  • Everyone plan for three days of RAIN and WIND. Also plan for 90degress and high humidity. Everyone needs to canoe at least 10 hours in preperation for this trip.

    Meals: Water is boiled 5-10min to kill all bacteria.

  • Breakfast - candy bar / granola bar
  • Lunch - MRE
  • Supper - Whatever, prob steak, fish, Pasta, Summersausage Sandwitch

    Plan of attack is head north first. Save the longer portage for the end. This route should be about 30 miles. We'll travel around 10 miles a day. This pace will mean we canoe most of the day. We'll still have time to lay around and rest at night. A 'rod' is 15' so some portages are as long as a 1/2 mile.

    Light canoes cost 36$/day. Standard cost 24$/day. There is "Sawbill Outfitters" near the entry point. They have showers which are ~5$. The Ranger recommended a book (at the library) by Robert Beymer about the BWCA.,

    Email me at: