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Robin: Livi I saw the Easter Bunny and took a picture.
Livi: Thanks mom. 
Emma: Its about a river that goes on forever.
Livi: Thats impossible! ... Unless it goes in a circle.
Livi: We ate the sader meal at school. The Last Supper is just like the sader meal except we dont have to die.

St Cloud MN Family Date Ideas
- Park picnics: Watab park, Mill Stream Park (same creek)
- SCSU Mississippi Dam and Ducks
- Radison Window Elevator
- Geocaching St Cloud Alcatraz
- Quary Park (costs money)
- Play McDonalds / Play Burgerking
- Skating Place Roller Skating
- Ice Skating
- Movie
- Ice Cream Date

Weighted Voting
Our Voting Systemhas a flaw. A third party has very little chance.
Using a weighted voting system would give each individual a clearer voice for change.

World History from David Rumsey pretty wonderful.

Windows 7 Disk Error Finally Windows reports detected errors.

Good Skin Fixing Cream Betamethasone

Cabaret Mechanical Theater Very cool little mechanical thingers.

C&H Homeless Woman Miiiiiiiight

Bluetooth Blue Tooth is a lot of screens.

Nikki's Webcam vs Mine Mine is the grey one in the top right. Creative Webcam

Website Activity Report I am always amazed at the level of activity this website sees. My issues Dysthymic disorder, early onset

Glenn Beck and Peter Schiff Economy people worth listening to.

Multi Cultural Minnesota
StCloudSomaliTV Thanks Ahmed! Saint Cloud Area Somali Salvation Organization, Somali Community in MN, Somali Resource in Twin Cities, Somali Culture and Customs
No pork, no alchol, no associating with drunk people, Nearly 100% are Sunni Muslim, 50,000 now live in Minnesota.
Hmong (from Laos, Vietnam) in Minnesota: Minneapolis is largest urban Hmong population in the world. About Hmong, Hmong Cultural Information, Learn about Hmong, 30% are Christian, and 70% practice traditional animist Hmong religion and shamanism

Free Energy John Bedini

Must See Color, Sound, Patterns from nate. Whitney Noot

Passive Solar Heat Using a Heliostat. My house uses 4 therms a day of Natural Gas = 100k btu. One mirror unit provides about 5k btu a day in January. Not goina help much.

Pope and Evolution Pope Benedict XVI and Evolution supports both Evolution Theory and Faith. “They are presented as alternatives that exclude each other,” the pope said. “This clash is an absurdity because on one hand there is much scientific proof in favor of evolution, which appears as a reality that we must see and which enriches our understanding of life and being as such.”
John Paul II Perhaps John Paul II was making a subtle distinction, sometimes made by philosophers of science, between a hypothesis and a theory. A hypothesis, on this view, is simply a possible explanation of a phenomenon; a theory is an explanation with some evidential verification, usually based on testing and research. The pope appears to think there's evidence to support evolution, hence it is "more than a hypothesis."

Increase Baby Intelligence Baby Signing

Astronomy Amazing archive of Images!! This link is some odd yet interesting science thoughts

Scissor Sex? I got home after a hard week at work to find this scissor sex happening on my bed!

Sink hole Lake
The Real Silent Hill - Centralia PA Mine Fire
Funny Gaming Names
General Disorder
General Specific
more to follow

Predict Your Number Mind Reader and if you want the math behind it:
number = 10A + B = (10A + B) - (A + B)
number = 10A + B = 9A

Links from Msgs
Mark Russinovich
XKCD Very funny
Berry Bible Fellowship best comic
Bush Video Translated
Anger Management
Computer Illiterate
Ironic Times
Saint Cloud Times Forsale
Saint Cloud Area Freecycle

Microwave Tesla
I have an old microwave and decided to disconnect the magnatron and hook up the high voltage output to some wires. Here is the results. I would like to pump it up like this guys.

Web Log
90% of my hits are virus's trying to get into my webpage. They look like this:
[error] File does not exist: scripts/root.exe
[error] File does not exist: msadc/root.exe
[error] File does not exist: c/winnt/system32/cmd.exe
[error] File does not exist: d/winnt/system32/cmd.exe
[error] File does not exist: scripts/..%5c/winnt/system32/cmd.exe

1408 - Good movie Primer - Good movie More movies to see: Inception, Moon, Limitless, Contact. Funny: Grandma's Boy, Eurotrip. Intense: Taken, Hostel.

Safe CO2 Carbon Dioxide WHRC graphs and more graphs and a chart:

3.2 (±0.2) =       Atmospheric increase =
6.3 (±0.4) +       Emissions from fossil fuels +
2.2 (±0.8) -        Net emissions from changes in land use –
2.4 (±0.7) -        Oceanic uptake –
2.9 (±1.1)          Missing carbon sink

So we're screwed? The earth can't eat all the CO2 we make now or even back in 1850. It just stays in the air.
Bottom line: How much CO2 is safe to dump = none ? NOAA government website monitoring since 1959 Everything we humanly know about climate change.

Regular Reading
Slashdot IT News Science Daily St Cloud Times IT News Anandtech IT News WUnderground Weather Http://
Knuttz Great Photos
Recommended by a friend picture printing
Gentoo Forum

Misc Items

  • whoa Funny
  • Malware Blog
  • Goodshit Entertainment
  • College Humor
  • Amish Donkey
  • Lifters? Capacitive propulsion. Very interesting.
  • Suggested reading for single guys.
  • eHumorcentral

    3D Imax
    Just went to the 3d imax. pretty cool. i wore these large sunglasses type things. you activate them by pushing a button on the side. they use some type of see through lcd to block your view to one eye, and then the other. The movie is interleved with two views, one from a "right eye" and one from a "left eye". Pretty sweet. but the frame rate was too slow for fast movements. I'd imagine the lcd lenses are too slow for a more fluid picture. must say its very cool. i cant wait to play quake with stereo vision. read more at James Burke's place

    Misc Suggest Links
    Joe suggested Saber-Cycle for motorcycle parts

    USB Cam
    Well i got a cheapo USB camera for 30$ after rebate. Jake got his for free from his ISP. Take a look.

    Tree Identification

    Parallax makes programmable logic
    Randy Lin Scott


    Left is a map of Joshua Tree, the epicenter was 40miles north of this spot, a mag 7.0. Middle Huntington Beach doesnt show up here, but its right next to Santa Ana. It shows various aftershocks. and the big 7.0 that we felt.

    Furnace Troubleshooting:
    Arnold Service Looks like my four blink over heat issue was from too much gas. I have the furnace set to a trickle already. I will turn it down further.

    Earthquake Information:
    Recent Quake Map
    The USGS website

    McDonalds Wins
    Mediterrianian, Vermont, Virgina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ventor, Pensuvania, Boardwalk, SHortline, Golden Ave.

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    The Perfect is the enemy of the good