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Theo Jansen - Mechanical Artist Beach Machines

TiVo TiVoTogo Evaluation My Humax is a Series2 TiVo. The Shows are 800mb for a 30min show in high quality. My transfer rate to my pc is terrible at 300k/sec using all ethernet. The playback on my pc is crappy. The sound seems encoded in the video. You cannot directly control the TiVo or delete shows which are transferred.

TODO Baird Televisor Store pictures in a wav file?

Chamberlain Garage Opener decoded. To bypass your electric eye sensor your going to need to create a 300hz signal. Use the same signal to turn on the light. Photos of Lock Signal Lock engaged Idle no signals Infra Red sensor not triggered Chamberlain Opener Locked signal

Popsicle Stick Grenade Made with five sticks, middle stick in back, then just arrange the two horizontal to charge the grenade, throw at the wall/floor and boom!

Peletzer Junction and Pizoelectric Effect

Snap Pops And how to make them.

WinXP Backup HowTO Open your "My Documents, Edit, Select All, File, Sendto, CDR drive. Missing the CDR drive, try your D drive, or E, or CDRW, or add the short cuts. Click the WinXP Backup HowTo to find out more.

Howto Configure Exchange 2007 Open Relay What a pain they made it.

Howto Enable 3rd Party SSL on Exchange 2007. When your Outlook Client doesn't like the SSL.

Tree Sprinkler System made to hook up with my automatic sprinkler system, i've got this system watering five trees at the same time for 20$ of parts. I'm using cheap small tubing and tying knots to keep the flow about the same at each tree.

Got Wireless Best Link: Yagi Design Helix General Info More Info Bridge Kits Misc Stuff Links
Ya so i got the linksys WAP11, Adpater, and a nice 2.4Ghz 18dpi gain antenna. Plug them all together and i have a 2.1mile bridge. They have to be aligned fairly close. No more then 5deg up or down, and 15deg either direction of center.

Polish Golf Its a fun horse shoe style game using two golf balls attached via a string. You toss the balls at the goal post and aquire points. To build the 3' high goal get 32 feet of 3/4" PVC, 12 T's and 4 elbows. Chop the pipe into 20 x 1', 6 x 2' sections. Glue together the four of the 2' pipe with T's at the ends, two 2' pipe with elbows. Assembly consists of sticking the one footers in place. The golf balls are seperated via one foot of nylon roap. Scoring is 1pt for top, 2pt for bottom, and 3pt for middle goal posts.

Java Encryption Here are two examples of java based encryption. Large key and alfa key.

Photo Layouts I've been tweaking my photo page a lot here is some example layouts you might like to evaulate. why are we here

Get Rich Quick Would you like to make more money then you've ever imagined? Great Business Opportunity! Network Marketing! Private Franchise! Multi-Level Marketing! Just get eight people below you, when they sign up eight more you'll be rich. Incentives, prizes, excitement, etc.
Right so here are the schemes i've seen in the past few years: Amway (cleaning goods 100$), Mary Kay (cosmetics 500$), Excel (longdistance 300$), Quixtar (home products, 100$)
Unfortunatly you also alienate your friends and become obsessed with the sales cult-ure. If your sucked in and want some reality check look at Yes dont forget about pyramid mailings and chain letters.

My old Rabbit's Mural

Computer Problem Solutions

Toshiba Recovery CDs

Statistics I'm compiling a reference page full of little tidbits of how big, what freq, how long type stuffs. Its pretty interesting. Really. Take a look at the references page!

Various Hobbies to try So Cal R/C Raceway
Build and race your own RC car Electronics - MicroController Projects Seriously! build little devices with brains
Electronics - Parallax Makers of the brain
Electronics - Microchip Makers of another brain
Potato Guns
Pnumatic Potato Launcher
Harbor Soaring Club Pets - Rabbit information Slope Gliders

Zagi Glider

This is the most recent repair to the glider. It was floping in the wind, we had used a spar to correct this, but an expert suggested to simply use strapping tape! The strapping tape made the plane a lot tighter. It penetrates much better now.

Alcohol Brain Cell Loss?

Long-term use of alcohol can lead to brain damage with accompanying cognitive and motor deficits. Up to 75% of detoxified, long-term, alcohol-dependent patients exhibit cognitive deficits. Imaging techniques have shown enlargement of the ventricles and shrinkage of the brain in humans, especially of the white matter. Animal studies indicate that several areas of the brain are damaged by alcohol, especially the hippocampus and cerebellum. The damage observed includes a reduction in the number of dendritic branches and spines and a loss of neurons. In addition, chronic alcohol administration reduces long-term potentiation, a possible mechanism of learning and memory formation.

Alcohol Does Not Kill Brain Cells

Physical Exercise Helps Brain Cells Survive

Two equals One ? (from nate)

(1) X=Y                         ; Given
(2) X^2=XY                      ; Multiply both sides by X
(3) X^2-Y^2=XY-Y^2              ; Subtract Y^2 from both sides
(4) (X+Y)(X-Y)=Y(X-Y)           ; Factor
(5) X+Y=Y                       ; Cancel out (X-Y) term
(6) 2Y=Y                        ; Substitute X for Y, by equation 1
(7) 2=1                         ; Divide both sides by> > Y

My Lan Setup
I put some information up about how to setup your own network. Its pretty easy so you people who think your good with computers might even be able to do it. Please take a look at the Network page.

Software to Try
Listing of Open Source
netstumbler - detect wireless networks
visilan - free trial make nice lan map
dparted - freeware partition resizer
editplus - text editor
daemon tools - virtual cd
superantispyware - spyware removal
hijackthis - spyware removal
smitrem - spyware removal
Print Migrator

Well i kinda helped create some brocures for Buzz Brothers. We decided Kinkos was outragously expensive at 0.99$ per page, so i thought i'd try printing them with a Lexmark 5700. They look nice. So i bought bran new ink, and 500 sheets of hp bright paper. Well after 50 copies of one side the ink was half gone, and after the other side its giving me warnings the ink is low. Check out the
cost estimate after 50 pages. Its pretty close to a dollar per page! -jef

Remote Model Rocket Launcher
I finally built the remote model rocket launcher. It consists of a cheapo remote controlled car which i modified with a diode and relay. It switches power from any source, we use my motorcycle battery. Here is a picture of the setup. Works great.

Potato Gun Projectiles (parachute guys)
Here is a picture of the potato gun. Here is a picture of its range. If you have any ideas email me them. I need help designing a projectile for a potato gun. I've been experimenting with a round 2"by1.4" peice of wood with a screw in it holding a parachute. Attach the wood "guy" using a long rubber band, and it'll work pretty good. LP Balloon fire LP Bucket fire The potato gun plans are at Backyard Ballistics they work great!

Here is my Fleet
Jeffs '97 Ford Aspire Specs, Jeffs '81 Toyota Celica, Jeffs '80 Kawasaki 650LTD, and the stolen report for the '82 Chevy Citation.

And school pictures; the elevator, the Arm, the Lasar, and plc projects.

Here is my Computer Stuffs

Wala, How to Set up a lan

National Debt
This is just a quick note to remind all the budget surplus wanters of what your federal government still owes. Email me at: